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This is the Advocare Homepage.
This site is packed with legal information for businesses and the public, who may have legal problems in the Netherlands, disputes with subjects or authorities of the Netherlands or entities established in the Netherlands Advocare provides a broad range of legal information on many topics in brief but effective brochures that may help you on your way to an answer, and in some cases, offer a sufficient solution for your problem.
Advocare also provides legal advice and litigation services to businesses at a special rate.
Unfortunately, we only have a few English pages available up till now. You will find them here. We are presently working on a more comprehensive presentation of English servicepages. The available pages will deal with the general subject of  the methods, costs and availability of legal services in the Netherlands.
However, for more information on any legal subject, please contact  You will have an answer within a few days,  free of charge.

If  Email is unsuitable for any reason, contact

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telephone +31 (0)35 531 88 80
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